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Express Cloud Solutions provides a range of business solutions for many industries, using our hand-picked preferred solutions.

Depending on what you are looking for, we have a suitable application for you.
Do you need a POS solution to run your bar or cafe? Perhaps you have a brick & mortar store; and looking to capitalize on an e-commerce site, but want stock to be tracked for both. Are you a plumber or electrician and tired of re-entering paper invoices into your accounting platform? What if you were able to invoice your customers directly on the spot? Or even have them approve a quote directly from your iPad or iPhone, and start work immediately? All this is possible using app-based programs.

Predominantly working with existing accounting and bookkeeping firms, we leverage their support to provide solutions that can integrate into accounting platforms to remove double handling of data and massively increase efficiency. Business can grow exponentially without putting strain on business administration workloads, or having to compensate with increased staff levels.

Cloud technology can provide massive benefits to businesses regardless of their size. They drive down costs, remove the dependency on clunky servers, make setup and installs simple and future proof your business.

Perhaps you have just made the leap from legacy server accounting platform, and want to look at the rest of your business applications? Lets catch-up for a coffee and have a discussion around how we can help streamline your workload.

Below are our preferred solutions for businesses. Click on the logo for more information.
Looking for something that isn't here? As we have a wealth of experience in this industry, we can provide some ad-hoc consulting services to guide you in the right direction.